Our leadership team has worked together for more than a decade and brings more than 45 years of combined experience in the key markets that we serve. Adept in tackling complex projects across all market segments, Barringer's leadership team has personally shaped Charlotte's development, managing the construction of iconic projects for Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized clients.

Tim Miller, LEED AP

Chris Butlak, LEED AP

Chris Frye

Jeremy Walawender

John Richards

John Thomas

Lauren McDowell, LEED AP

Lenny Knott

Matt Cavalline

Rob Trotter

Tina Mull

Rick Exum

Jason Vargosko

Keith Rossi

Chris Poluszek

Tim Christman

Jahir Lemm

Brad DeWulf

Dave Campos

Brent Cavalline

Bryan Frye

Jennifer Bickett

Mike Hauser

Robbie Long

Michael Blankenship

Mark McCrary

Michelle Stowers

Josh Ramsey

Katie Reilly

Nick Hoyt

Kristina Hunt

Keith Hargis

Nathan Stutts

Steve Knott

Chase Milum

Corey Pannell

Ryan Workman

Roscoe Brown

Jacob Trammel

Robyn Taylor

Nick Saraniecki

Brian Ring

Jeff Howard

Jimmy Poppiti

Dylan Brown

Brian Ruff

Kyle McKee

Mike Chapman

Nathaniel Smith

Joe John

Mark Wilson

Bryce Sinacori

Willie Jones

Martin Martin

Yates Warwick

Jay Reeves

Keith Westrick

Brian Thomas

Emily Andresen

Anne Goodson

Jon Hunter

Bedford Boyce

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